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Synthesis Valuations is a research-driven boutique valuation, advisory, and litigation support firm located in Toronto. The firm provides lawyers, accountants, investment managers/advisors, entrepreneurs, and business brokers with insightful valuation analysis for business interests and securities in a variety of industries and contexts. The firm also provides litigation support services including financial research, analysis, and the quantification of economic losses/damages in commercial dispute matters.

Recent Articles

While sometimes described interchangeably, “goodwill” and “intangible assets” are two distinct concepts representing different components of a firm’s value. How they appear on a balance sheet is a different story.
Price, value, hindsight, valuing companies on a liquidation basis … 2020 was a banner year for students of business valuation theory.
Can bank covenants restrict the availability of corporate income to a payor-spouse? What about corporate funds used to finance an expensive hobby? How should losses, capital dividends, and tax-gross ups be addressed? Van Boekel is a fascinating read which explores these issues and more when determining a spouse's income under the Federal Child Support Guidelines.